About Us

In recent years many people have taken steps to produce food on their own or community land due to concerns about supply chain dependability, animal welfare, and the sustainability of the food industry. For these individuals Lively Little Farms and Rent the Chicken make it possible to explore livestock management on a short term basis and at a small scale. Doing so reduces barriers stemming from lack of previous exposure, space restrictions, and unpredictable schedules. 

In the long term we hope that through their experience, customers deepen their connections to the earth, their fellow creatures, and their communities. Raising chickens remains relatively unique in suburban and urban neighborhoods and the exchange of knowledge, eggs, and compost can bring neighbors closer together. Furthermore, by participating in agriculture directly customers have the opportunity to engage with local food producers in new ways and with greater insight. 


Our Mission:

Lively Little Farm’s mission is to connect people with their food, their community, and the land we share by bringing small-scale agriculture into homes and neighborhoods.

Victoria and Ryan Lee started with a small flock of three hens in their suburban backyard in Redwood City, CA, but soon their farm dreams and their family outgrew the space. In 2022 they purchased a small, 2.5 acre, farm in Agua Dulce, a small town in northern Los Angeles County. Later that year Lively Little Farm became an affiliate of Rent the Chicken and Hatch the Chicken. Victoria looks forward to supporting customers with her firsthand experience keeping backyard chickens and sharing the joy they bring.