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Meyer Hatchery

Laying Hens

Laying Hens

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All of our hens and chicks are raised on 100% organic feed. Our laying hens are all at least 18 weeks old and are in their first season of laying, unless otherwise noted. Laying hens are available for free pick-up from the farm or local delivery within 50 miles for a fee depending on distance and time.

Hens in their second season of lay are a great option to start getting eggs right away while saving a bit of money. Second season hens will lay slightly fewer eggs than first season hens, but they also tend to be a bit calmer and their feathers, in our opinion, are even more beautiful. 

Black Australorp Hens, hatching eggs from Meyer Hatchery, raised here on the farm.

Barred Plymouth Rock Hens, hatching eggs from Meyer Hatchery, raised here on the farm.

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